Other Services

Moonlight Computing LLC provides a number of services in addition to web hosting and design. View Our "Other Services" PDF.

We strive to provide whatever support is needed for our customers. Some of our customers are fully capable of maintaining their own content. We often provide custom "back end" databases to make things easy. Others customers require occasional assistance whereas still others prefer to hand over the website support needs to Moonlight. We provide built in support as part of the annual hosting costs. This amount of support generally meets the needs of many of our customers whereas others contract with us for additional support. Here are just a few of the additional content services we provide:

Data entry
Content editing and updating
List management
Image processing and preparation
Quality control
Social media integration and consulting
Moonlight provides a number of technical services to meet the needs of our customers.
Email associated with your domain (i.e. john@yourdomain.com) gives your business a more professional appearance than using a gmail or hotmail email account. Moonlight provides email hosting services and can lend assistance with set up on computers and mobile devices.
We assist customers with domain registration and make extensive efforts to follow up on any self-registered domains to ensure they are not lost.
We manage DNS records for the majority of our customers to ensure everything associated with your domain functions smoothly.
We provide a number of other technology consulting services based on the needs of customers. We have been operating in the computer world for over thirty years and have extensive experience with nearly every technology.
Moonlight has provided 3rd party software integration at times when it was not practical to develop custom software.
Give us a call to discuss your technology needs.
Moonlight has experienced software developers on staff and often provide custom database and software solutions to our web site customers including the following:

Event ticketing software
Signup forms
Credit card integration with signup forms
Facility management/rental software
Shopping cart software
Contact management
Reputation management/monitoring
Mailing List Manager
E-Newsletter template creation
QR code creation with database integration (with email generation when code is scanned)
Online Chat Support
Photo Galleries
Interactive Maps
Asset Management with Google Map Integration
Embedded video and social media
We have an in-house animator, illustrator and graphic designer equipped to handle any video and image creation you may need.


Animation and video have a large range of possibility and applications for your business- including advertising, sharing important/helpful information to customers and showcasing services and products.
  • digital hand-drawn animation
  • stop motion animation
  • after-effects motion graphics
  • looping background animation
  • animated infographics
  • animated logos
  • video filming
  • video editing
  • interview editing
  • time-lapse videos
View our in-house animator's portfolio to see examples of her work.
See our Animation and Motion Graphics Portfolio

Graphic Design/Branding

Some customers come to us without any branding or logo (or, branding/logos that are in need of a re-design or enhancement). We often work with them to create a fully-realized visual concept for their business. This can include:
  • logo creation/redesign
  • infographics
  • advertisements
  • shirt designs
  • flyers
  • photo taking
  • photo editing
View our in-house designer's portfolio to see examples of her work.