Hosting and Design

Have you considered a website for your business or organization?

There are many reasons why a website makes good business sense. In most cases, a website will easily pay for itself in increased revenue. You have control over a website and how it is found.  Facebook and other social media platforms can be a great addition to marketing efforts, but you do not have control over when they make changes to their system. With a website, you have a consistent presence that you control.

Let people find you on the internet
This is probably the single most important reason to have a website. More and more people use the internet as their source of information. People use the online directories and search engines to find the products or services they need. Your business probably already shows up in the online directories. Does your business name include a link to your website? You need to have a website in order for your business to show up on internet search engines.

Supplement your current advertising
Consider the use of a website to show people samples of your work. Provide the website address in your marketing efforts - print ads, online directories, online map listings, videos, TV ads and billboards. Give out the address over the phone. You can often reduce the cost of your other advertising by providing a web address that provides more informational details to customers and potential customers.

Show people your stuff!
Use your website to provide samples of your product or service and pricing details. Limousine services can show their fleet of vehicles - inside and outside. Landscaping professionals can show before and after photos of their work. DJ's and musicians can provide samples of their song lists. Catering businesses can present their menus and party platters. Customers feel comfortable being able to see what you have to offer.

Present a professional image
A nice looking website provides a reflection of how you do business. The presence of a website tells customers you are proud of your products and services. Pictures show potential customers that you do quality work. Telling the story of your business through photos, videos, and written content helps people feel more comfortable contacting you.

Generate repeat business
Many businesses use e-mail to keep their name in front of their current customers. Carpet cleaning businesses send out e-mail and/or text reminders on an annual basis. Air conditioning businesses use e-mail to remind customers that it is time to service their air conditioning units. There may be similar ways to generate repeat business for you.

Reserve your domain name NOW!
Thousands of businesses are reserving domain names every day. Make sure that the name you like is not taken away before you take action.
Let us know you are interested in a website by calling or e-mailing us.  If you call and we are unable to answer, please leave a message.  We WILL call you back as soon as we are able.

We search for an appropriate domain name and suggest a number of alternatives if the domain you like best is not still available.

We discuss your needs and provide an initial ballpark estimate of setup and monthly costs.

You give us the go ahead (and generally pay half to signal you are ready for us to begin work on the website.) 

We reserve the domain name and work with you in developing the website.  Once the website is complete, we invoice you for the remainder of the cost.  If you need to work out a different payment plan, please contact us.  We will work with you to find a payment plan that works for you.
We work with you through the entire process of establishing a web presence:
  • Evaluation of need
  • Logo development (if needed)
  • Domain search, registration, and setup (if needed)
  • Website design
  • Database and special needs development if needed
  • E-mail setup (if needed)
  • Hosting (websites we design are only hosted on servers we control because we use a closed source content management system that is less likely to be hacked. We protect that code on those servers.)
  • Promotion of your business or organization
  • Online directory and search engine submissions
  • We provide all customers with the abililty to edit the website themselves with a secure internet connection.
  • We backup all websites weekly and use multiple servers and hosting services in different areas of the United States.  In case of a disaster in one area of the country, we can move the website backup to a different server.  If one of the hosting services would go out of business, we already are established with another hosting service.
  • We have also prepared for our exit from the business (whenever that happens - hopefully not soon!)  We have two sons with computer science degrees that work in the industry (and our daughter works full time for us), so if something happens to Jim and I, you will be in good hands.
  • Moonlight also provides other services.  Find out more about our additional services.